Fresh Chocolate Ganache

Ganash chocolates are not only the product of a formula, but they are works of art, with exquisite taste that is the result of years of experimenting and acquiring knowledge of different techniques and ingredients. There are places in the world that everyone should visit at least once for the experience you gain and memories you create. Ganash chocolate is a product you shouldn’t miss out on, if you live in Toronto, to fully experience the flavour of love and energy boost that we have to offer

شکلات گاناش

Ganache Products

Truffles are made of a mixture of chocolate, cream, and a small amount of sugar. they come in different flavours including tea and coffee with a coating that contains your favourite kinds of toasted nuts.

Molded chocolate (BonBon)


Bonbon chocolate: is made on the surface of a chocolate mold and in mold with various fillings. Bon bon chocolates are made in polycarbonate molds. A layer of an exquisite chocolate combined with nuts and dried fruits. Making bon bon involves a number of steps which create an artistic, decadent product

Nama chocolate is a product of Japan which is a variety of truffles without the exterior layer of hard chocolate coating. It is silky, smooth and melts nicely in your mouth.

fudge: is another type of chocolate made with fillings that have a smooth texture. The flavours include: caramel, mixture of nuts and chocolate, and is a ganache chocolate containing cream and milk.

Mendiant: Is made of a blend of tempered chocolate and your desired ingredients such as dried fruits, orange, toasted nuts and seeds.

Pate de fruit is a type of traditional French confectionery, a type of candy fruit jelly made with fresh fruit or fruit purée, soft, melt in your mouth and very yummy.